First Q88.com and now the new Q88Dry.com website have immeasurably improved the lives of those on the Chartering and the Operation teams. With our continuously growing fleet it is excellent to have such a system that stores all our vessel's details and that is not only extremely easy to search for specific information but also subtract the already filled-in questionnaires. This relieves us from having to complete what can be very tiresome questionnaires each week and also means that our Masters are no longer required to answer the same questions over and over again. A great benefit to us all.

In addition, the good people at Q88Dry.com are always just an email or phone call away to answer any questions, remedy any problems and implement what changes that we may ask of them.

Thanks Q88Dry.com!"

Tom Hallett
General Manager
Pacific Basin Shipping (USA) Inc.

We have the pleasure of working the team at Q88Dry.com for a couple of months now. So far, the company did not disappoint at all. The staff does listen to our needs to improve the efficiency of our shipping operations. They would do whatever they can to keep the clients happy, and to make sure that the contents are delivered to the needs.

The on-line questionnaires are just a few clicks away which makes our lives a bit easier in a hectic fixing marked.

Thanks Q88Dry.com!"

Cpt Ronald De Pauw
Operations Manager
Bocimar International NV

There is no denying the fact that Q88 LLC is providing an excellent tool with Q88Dry which makes daily business much more attractive.

As Vetting issues on Bulkers are becoming more and more important as well, this tool is very beneficial and nice to have.  Especially when it comes to completion of different Questionnaires for Vetting departments or charterer side.

We all know time is money in this business and it is needless to say that these tools saving a lot of time.  Questionnaires can be easily updated which makes manual completion of several word format documents become redundant.

But not only the Questionnaires and Vetting part, also the Certificates and Officer Matrix section is good designed, time effective and easy to handle for any kind of user.

On top of that I would like to mention that the support staff is always friendly, whenever I call and whomever I have on the other end of the phone.  Any queries and problems were dealt with immediately which makes a very professional impression to me.

Keep it up!

Robin Zisser
Assistant Vetting and Quality Management
Stella Marine Services GmbH & Co. KG
As shipping offices reduce their staff compliments in order to survive the current poor market conditions, they need to find innovative ways in which to handle routine administrative activities that soak up a lot of time. The Q88Dry is one such innovation; a system that enables vessel Owner’s to build a user friendly and reliable data base for their fleet. Not only does the system allow users to create questionnaires in different formats to suit customer’s needs, it also provides a feature to remind Owner’s when ships certificates are due for renewal. A further time saving feature is the system’s ability to interface with vessel operating systems that allow the automatic upload of vessels descriptions. This together with excellent support from Q88’s staff makes us only too happy to recommend the Q88Dry.com web site.
Chris Sutton
Operations Manager
Island View Shipping
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