Cmb Chikako
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IMO/VIN Callsign Flag Service Year
9701190 3FEV8 PANAMA Freight Ship 2014
Activity# Port Date Activity - Description Deficiencies
6800637 PORTLAND, Oregon Sep 14, 19 Vessel Inspection - Agency Action Complete
6522163 Miami Beach, Florida Aug 25, 18 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
6520012 Miami Beach, Florida Aug 24, 18 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
11 - Life Saving AppliancesN/A - No Subsystem
DescriptionDue DateResolved
0628- The liferaft painter system shall provide a connection between teh ship and the liferaft and shall be so arranged as to ensure that the liferaft when released and, in the case of an inflatable liferaft, inflated is not dragged under by the sinking of the ship. Per company instructions, STBD liferaft was secured to its cradle. 74 SOLAS (14) II-1/ 26.1Yes
Resolved DateResolution
Aug 24, 18Crew untied the painter and attached it to the weak link. Captain will raise awareness to the comapny about bad policy.
07 - Fire SafetyN/A - No Subsystem
DescriptionDue DateResolved
0725 - The means of control of any fixed gas fire extinguishing system shall be readily accessible...At each location there shall be clear instructions relative to the operation of the system having regard to the safety of personnel. The diagram and instructions provided for the release of CO2 into the cargo holds does not match the system. 74 SOLAS (14 Cons.) II-2/7.1.1 FSS Code Ch.
Resolved DateResolution
Aug 25, 18Verified class survey report attesting to posting of instructions for the release of CO2 into cargo holds per manufacturers instructions.
99 - OtherN/A - No Subsystem
DescriptionDue DateResolved
0810- Four sets of full protective clothing resistant to chemical attack shall be provided in addition to the fire fighters outfits required by regulation 10.10...Ship does not have any of the 4 required suits on board. 74 SOLAS (14) II-2/
Resolved DateResolution
Aug 24, 18Vessel was able to locate and provide suits
13 - Propulsion and Auxiliary MachineryN/A - No Subsystem
DescriptionDue DateResolved
1410 - The machinery rollers and other pressure vessels shall be of a design and construction adequate for the service for which they are intended. Ship experienced failure of M/E cylinder No.5 CCU resulting in reduced propulsion. 74 SOLAS (14 Cons.)II-1/26.1Yes
Resolved DateResolution
Aug 25, 18Received class survey report attesting to satisfactory replacement and testing of defective CCU for No. 5 cylinder of main engine.
6054990 PORTLAND, Oregon Dec 11, 16 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
Operations/ManagementPollutionImproper/Lack of Maintenance
DescriptionDue DateResolved
9900 - Other(clearly non-hazardous )- Remove fouling organisms from the vessel's hull, piping and tanks on a regular basis and dispose of any removed substances in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Vessel was observed to have significant presence of marine organisms on hull at and below the waterline. 33 CFR 151.2050(f) - 40ac.Dec 18, 16Yes
Resolved DateResolution
Aug 24, 18Hull observed to be clear to any signs of marine growth. All relevent documentation verified as valid.
Documents Issued Expires Agency
Classification Document September 16,2014 July 7,2019 NKK
International Load Line Certificate August 19,2014 July 7,2019 NKK
International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate October 26,2015 July 7,2019 NKK
ISM - Document Of Compliance January 10,2018 January 13,2023 NKK
ISM - Safety Management Certificate January 20,2015 November 16,2019 NKK
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate August 19,2014 July 7,2019 NKK
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate October 26,2015 July 7,2019 NKK
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate August 19,2014 July 7,2019 NKK
Tonnage Certificate, International July 8,2014 NKK