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IMO/VIN Callsign Flag Service Year
9479204 HOCB PANAMA Freight Ship 2010
Activity# Port Date Activity - Description Deficiencies
6623466 Baltimore, Maryland Feb 11, 19 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
6387322 Baltimore, Maryland Apr 08, 18 Vessel Inspection - Agency Action Complete
5994342 Mobile, Alabama Sep 14, 16 Vessel Inspection - Approved Inspection
Operations/ManagementLifesavingImproper/Lack of Maintenance
DescriptionDue DateResolved
0610-Lifeboats-At least once every three months the lifeboat shall be lowered to the water and shall be maneuvered in the water by the operating crew. The PSCO noted that the lifeboat has not been powered to the water since 11Mar16.Sep 14, 16Yes
Resolved DateResolution
Sep 14, 16Boat was lowered and maneuvered in the water during exam.
5999015 Mobile, Alabama Sep 12, 16 Vessel Inspection - Agency Action Complete
Documents Issued Expires Agency
Classification Document January 28,2016 January 26,2021 NKK
International Load Line Certificate January 28,2016 January 26,2021 N/A
International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate January 28,2016 January 26,2021 N/A
ISM - Document Of Compliance September 15,2017 March 21,2021 NKK
ISM - Safety Management Certificate July 26,2016 June 17,2021 PA
Minimum Safe Manning Document October 12,2013 PA
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate June 24,2016 June 23,2021 N/A
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate February 10,2019 March 31,2019 NKK
SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate January 28,2016 January 26,2021 N/A
Tonnage Certificate, International January 27,2011 N/A